KidStat and Other Quality Improvement Reports

Measuring the efficiencies of our programs is important to the staff and leadership of the department. We use many methods to measure and gauge the quality and efficiency of our work department-wide. In addition to quality assurance efforts within each program, the Department has implemented the following:


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KidStat is an approach to see, measure, and track the results DCF is achieving for families as well as to identify specific areas and opportunities for improvement. Launched in July 2009, the DCF uses KidStat to ensure that the Department is having a real and lasting impact on the critical issues facing Wisconsin's children and families. Each Division has identified Real Results, which capture DCF's commitments to the children and families it serves. For each Real Result, there are several performance measures for which data is displayed and discussed during bimonthly meetings. The first KidStat Performance Report was released on April 16, 2010 and shows program progress during the first six months of KidStat meetings. Reports were published quarterly in 2010. In 2011, we moved back to a semiannual schedule.

All Annual KidStat report are located at KidStat.

Continuous Quality Improvement program (CQI)

The Continuous Quality Improvement program (CQI) is dedicated to ensuring the safety of children. By conducting reviews of Wisconsin's tribal and county child welfare systems, the CQI team helps identify areas for improvement as well as uncover successful strategies.

The CQI program is officially being redesigned. The next review schedule is projected to start January 2015.  Currently, the Department of Children and Families is partnering with select counties and other agencies to create a better Quality Review system.  The previous system had been in existence since 2005.  CQI since that time, reviewed 60 out of the 72 Wisconsin counties.

All previous county reports are located at CQI Reports.

To inquire about either the previous or future process, please send an email to  

Performance Review and Evaluation Section (PRES)

The primary purpose of this section is to provide support to the Division of Management Services and the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare through data analysis and performance reporting.  This includes both scheduled and ad hoc compliance reporting for information or data analysis requests from BMCW and DSP management.

Some of the analysis and reporting include:  PRES oversees the reporting related to the Settlement Agreement.  PRES also conducts both record and onsite reviews of child welfare practice for any child fatalities, egregious incidents and serious injuries of children who are being or have been served by BMCW.  The findings from these reviews are included in the Act 78 public disclosure reports.

The Settlement Agreement (federal lawsuit) requires BMCW to achieve specific outcomes regarding the permanency, safety and well-being of Milwaukee County children in out of home care.  There are monthly, quarterly and semi-annual reports required as part of the Agreement. PRES staff work with BMCW and its contractors to collect and validate all data contained within these reports.

PRES also compiles and reports on data generated by the BMCW complaint resolution process.

The Act 78 cases are located at the Child Welfare Public Disclosure.

The Milwaukee of Child Welfare Partnership Council is located at Partnership Council.

The Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare Settlement Agreement information is located at Settlement Information.

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